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Cosmo Man Interview English translation - Part I

Rain, aspects which you don't know

The Rainmaker

Of the books that Rain has read, the line that impressed him most is: "People who put their heads up and look around when small achievements are attained will not be able to taste the sweetness of success." Rain's dream is to go on the red carpet of an Oscar award ceremony. His "childhood" memories were all taken by the "death of his mother". Therefore rather than calling this "Rainmaker" a super hero, it may be more appropriate to call him a hero who rebels his wounds.

Q: It has been 2 and half years since you acted as model for the 2007 December issue of Cosmo Man.

R: Oh it has been that long ago? I was shooting in L.A. at that time?! Looks like it happened only a few days ago. Time flies haha!

Q: Our proposal for Rain to be on the cover of this issue of Cosmo Man hardly received any objection.

R: Really, don't lie, haha!

Q: OK, then take it that I'm lying, haha. Why do you think that? Seems strange we even need to discuss the reason as a topic.

R: You're talking about me? If I have to explain why I'm being chosen as the cover model for Cosmo Man, haha, isn’t it true that people have to keep on improving themselves? And compared to 2007 when I shot for Cosmo Man, I have improved, and that's why I guess I was chosen amongst the many actors and artists. It demonstrates my improvements which cannot be calculated by numbers, therefore I am very happy, haha!

Q: The truth is, while you were shooting for Ninja Assassin, we have to work very hard in order to meet with you, even cancelling other schedules. At that time we have a lot of questions we wanted to ask you.

R: Oh, I didn't know about that. You can ask the questions now, right? Haha

Q: These questions are not fresh anymore, haha. When you were shooting Ninja Assassin, have you come across any Hollywood news which puzzled you? Although you are the lead actor, your fame in Hollywood isn't the same as it is in Korea. When journalists asked you some basic questions, is there any difference from what Korean journalists will ask?

R: It is really puzzling for an Asian, be you Chinese or Korean, to be the lead actor in a Hollywood film. Many people are curious how a Korean comes to Hollywood, and becomes the lead actor. Therefore there are a lot of questions about the movie itself, as well as working together with James McTeigue. This is more or less it.

Oh, they also asked about the training of a body with zero % fat.

Q: This is quite different from Korea, haha. Did you come across any ridiculous questions?

R: Don't think so... Oh, I remembered, at that time one journalist asked to touch my abs, haha..

Q: That journalist is very brave, haha. Imagine I am a Hollywood journalist and asked you to briefly introduce yourself. Something like "Rain, can you introduce who you are? Please call for some 20s female readers for us!"

R: Want me to reply? Haha, probably it would be something like "I'm a singer and actor from Korea. If you have any doubts about me, please go watch Ninja Assassin", haha!

Q: It seems Ninja Assassin did not receive any negative comments in Korea. May be some comments like very cruel, thin script? But these had nothing to do with Rain’s acting skill and passion. What about the feedback in Hollywood?

R: This is an action movie. Yes, it's cruel and the script is thin, and I was worried about that too before its release. Actually, I was surprised to see that the feedback from Hollywood reporters was better than expected. At the press conference people all feel that this is an interesting movie. May be they are just being courteous? Haha. Anyway, I was worried, I was tired, but seeing the positive feedback I feel happy and grateful.

Q: Are you sensitive to any kind of comments, be it positive or negative?

R: I will read all comments from fans or the general public, so they are all sensitive to me. Of course I'm not sincere if I tell you I'm not hurt by malicious words. But I take the negative comments as the basis of my improvements, as they could make me realize areas I lack. Seeing my shortcomings I will have to work hard. So those killing, abusive comments help to build up my pride, haha. All I want to say is I won't be bothered by abusive words.

Q: There seem a lot of comments too about Rain's English.

R: Yes, when I first entered the USA, there are many stories about my English pronunciation. Therefore I study English even harder.

Q: How are you doing after shooting Ninja Assassin?

R: I was really busy before Ninja Assassin was released, and had a lot of related interviews when it hit the screen. During that time I also held concert tours in order to meet with my fans.

Q: Can you describe how you feel when you see the name "Rain" appear on the screen during the preview of Ninja Assassin?

R: The first time I saw Ninja Assassin was in the WB studio. They arranged a theatre for me. I was surrounded by their staff. A few of my close friends also attended the screening. Lights out, the movie started. I was quite determined beforehand that I will watch the screening calmly. However when the name RAIN came out clearly on the big screen, I don't know why, but I held my hands very tight. It's difficult to describe my feeling at that moment – I was touched, I felt blessed, I was emotional.

Q: Any difference between this and the first time you debut on stage as a singer?

R: Cannot really compare the two. As a singer on the stage, I could feel directly the response of the audience. For the screening you only know the result after the whole process is over. May be this is the difference. That's why I'm calmer when I watch the movie.

Q: Any dreams you want to fulfill?

R: En, a charismatic role like Al Pacino in "Scarred Face". Don't you think that's smart? If I have the opportunity I want to try that kind of role.

Q: Fans all call Rain as "비느님". Do you know that?

R: 비느님 ? They really call me that? I don't know about it, haha! Combining me and god right? Haha!

Q: Yes, for fans, Rain has absolute power, and you are on the same par as God.

R: Ho ho, they must be joking. I don't know that fans are calling me in such a respectful way. I never met anyone who addressed me like that yet. Everyone calls me "Jihoon" or "Jihoon Obba", or else they just call me "Bi" "Rain". I guess in the eyes of my fans, I seem almost perfect and that's why they call me 비느님. This is interesting. They are giving the highest support to the artist.

Q: So what have you done to your fans to make them convinced that you are 비느님? Perhaps you don't really have to do like what you told UEE at "Strong Heart" program - that "when we meet privately I will sing to you"? You have accepted the declaration of UEE in "Strong Heart" citing you as the ideal type right? How do you feel when someone who is an idol herself and 6 years younger saying that?

R: haha isn't that great! Anyone will feel happy and excited being someone that others look up to. So I'm very grateful, especially when I'm appreciated by my younger peers. This gives me great encouragement. I want to be their model so I will work even harder.

Q: It seems that the musical industry has become a totally idol group market.

R: Yes, I feel that too. This is amazing. I used to like some idols a few years senior than me. But I don't know since when, they are replaced by currents from behind. I could feel this in the distribution of fans when I was doing my "Rainism" activities. There are many more teenager fans. I am very thankful to them, and I have a wider fan base right, haha.

Q: MBLAQ calling you "father" has become a topic itself. Actually it is embarrassing to hear that, Rain isn't father!

R: Actually I'm not angry when I hear that, haha, but I do feel embarrassed because I am not qualified as a father yet. At most I could be the brother. As far as work is concerned, I try my best to lead and enhance them, and work hard to be a good producer. In private life I am only just a brother.

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Source: Cosmopolitan
Translation: Korean to Chinese: aileen_79089 / BiwithRain
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