Wednesday, June 21, 2006

정 지 훈's Meaningful Quotes:

I have at least two weak points. Being this open about this is making me a little embarrassed. My grades this term is lower than the minimum requirement of the school. I really want to study well, but managing work and studies is really so difficult. I hope I can have more time to study next term.
I know I don't have the best outlook, and I know I am not good-looking. But inside, I am very outstanding. Every time I go on stage, I tell myself that I am the best. After a performance, when I walk off the stage, I tell myself I am not the best. So each time before I go onstage, I make sure I'm 120% prepared, so that I can give my 100% onstage. Every day, I train myself non-stop. I have been lacking enough sleep for a long time, when I'm not working, I am gymming, rehearsing my dance or practising my singing. It's the same when I'm filming. If I don't do it well, I won't be able to sleep. Whether as a actor or a singer, I want to do my best. Don't worry about me not having enough sleep, because after I'm dead, I'll have plenty of time to sleep.
I can dream while sleeping, but I can also dream without sleeping.
There is something I am afraid of, and that is myself. I'm most afraid of myself turning lazy.
I am a perfectionist. I have always been good friends with Jin Young. He is a perfectionist, so I got influenced gradually. I think "this will do" and "relaxed attitude" cannot be used in the situation today, so naturally, I want to achieve perfection is everything. Frankly speaking, with so many fans looking at me, I am not without stress.
For the stage, I have given up so many things: Love, college life, drinking with friends...all these are things I've never done in a normal way. In particular, I didn't do my duty as a son...and many other countless things which I have not been able to take care of.
I have been very greedy both about work and love. At the moment, between love and work, I have chosen work, because I feel work is more important. But I don't know what will happen in the future.
Nobody can lead a life getting what they want without making some sacrifices. I feel that when you sacrifice some, you'll also gain some. For example, it's nice meeting with friends. But you can't be meeting your friends and be practising your dancing at the same time. I think sometimes you can't help but sacrifice some things that are important to you to achieve ongoing improvement. But this doesn't mean I'll give up my friends. It's just that in life, you just have to sacrifice some enjoyment in exchange for other things.
When mother was around, I didn't feel anything. But after mum left, I found out there are many things which pain my heart. I miss my mother's fried cuttlefish. No matter where I go, I can't find that taste anymore...small things like that pains me terribly.
Hardworking women are the sexiest. Yup. In comparison to women who wear less, women who work more are far sexier.
A few days ago, I was sitting in the studio when I suddenly felt homesick. I'm always like that, missing father, missing sister. Although father said not to be worried about them, but every time I go overseas, I get worried naturally, I am in a foreign country so far away, and what are they doing now? I want to live with them, I want to fly home now...
I take initiatives and am very decisive. With regards to any matter, I am the kind who will take initiatives. No matter what is it, I want to be the one to give directions. To me, making decisions and giving directions is easier than following the orders the of other people.
I've cried because I didn't do perform well in my dancing or singing before. This happens often. Even now, I'll still think, 'Why can't I do it?' Thereafter, I'll keep trying until I can do it. This is the only way to make me feel better.
Actually, viewers are very cruel. Because they will not think, 'It's because he's sick, so he didn't practise; it's because he's too tired, so he didn't practise. We can understand all these, it's ok'. No, they will not understand...No...I'm not saying it's not matter how much pain I'm in or or how tired I am, because it's a promise I made with all of you, so I must keep my promise. There are also many people waiting for me. This stage is my promise to everybody. I do everything to keep this promise till the end.
I will always remember the promise I made to my fans on stage. If I cannot fulfil this promise, I will not be able to sleep.
Sometimes I'm so tired I just want to fall to the floor and sleep. But after I win the battle against this hardship, I can feel myself grow up a little more.
In comparison to working hard for a few years, what is more important is the attitude you take while working hard.
I work hard to surpass myself.
I know not everybody will like me, so I will work harder.
I wanted to sing "Cannot get used to", but I can't because this song reminds me of mother.
During this period of time, I am not Rain. I can walk on the street freely without people around me chasing me along. I am the just a normal guy, Jeong Jihoon. No planner full of daily activities, I can do whatever I want to do. It's like I've shrugged off something very heavy. I'm in a great mood. Come to think of it, such days are not bad. Will I always lead a life like that? Hopefully in the future I can. But not now, now I cannot.
40 years later, perhaps there will be such a day. Gazing at a sudden downpour of rain, or a gathering of clouds in the sky, you will say, 'There was a singer called Rain.' And I will say, 'There is a cloud that is together with Rain.' I hope our hearts will remain like this, suddenly reminded of each other sometimes like lovers do.

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