Wednesday, May 11, 2011

SBS 'Strong Heart' Actor 'Aun Joo Won' says about Rain's good deed

-Aired on 10 May, 2010-

[Brief Summary]

Actor 'Aun Joo Won' appeared on SBS TV's entertainment program 'Strong Heart' aired on 10 May, 2011 and said about Rain's good deed.

Actor 'Aun Joo Won' said as:

About 4 years ago, actor 'Yun Kye Sahng', Rain, and I were vacationing at Chungpyung resort at that time when Rain came back home after wrapping his movie Ninja Assassin.

On our way back home after our vacation, we found a woman lying unconscious on the shoulder of the highway while a man who seemed like her husband was pulling over. This made her husband so embarrassed that he just stood there without knowing what to do. We later found out she had diabetes.

We instantly stopped on the hard shoulder and called an ambulance in that confusing situation.

While we were waiting for the emergency crew, Rain protected the patient against obstruction of the airway, splashing her hair with mineral water, and then shouted at passing cars and stopped cars to ask the drivers for some chocolates. Rain knew that chocolate can be necessary for some diabetics in an emergency.

While we were helping Rain figure out the quick fix, she was roused from the swoon, and then ambulance arrived and brought her to the hospital.

I wanted to describe to people how circumstances were at that time, how Rain did such a good thing for the patient and showed us what to do in case of an emergency, albeit belated.

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