Sunday, May 01, 2011

[Rainy Day Season 3 Ep 5]

No no no..
What kind of bridge video clip will appear?
(Director: I'll let you know tomorrow)
Please tell me what you're planning to show me.
When am I supposed to appear on stage while the bridge clip is being played?
Kungho (his manager), record all the progress of this rehearsal and then stick the content on the noticeboard in the performance venue.

The bridge clip should be played with the background music when I sing 'I Do'
Probably percussion will also be all right during the performance.

I think the instruments are out of tune. Once again please?

Taehowan (music pd), please allow sufficient time to tune up and do exactly as I said.

Let's do that over again on the supposition that the song has ended.

It's a little late for both of you to get the beat right while I'm doing dance movement.

Do you think you're doing just fine?

Oops, we shouldn't come forward in this part!

If I come forward, get to the front more, please. (to a dancer)

Minkyung (a feamle dancer), you are supposed to be here by this time.

Why hasn't this light been off ?

Let's not be too hasty here.

There's nothing in the backstage area. Please add even a bunch of flowers to the scene. The settings should be provided more.

You are supposed to be already here before I get to this area..(to a female staff)
Camera has to continue to film me by concentrating on my upper body while I change my clothes.
While the camera is being focused on me constantly, I'll come out on stage again after changing my clothes.

Do you see what I'm talking about? (to the camera operator)
The shooting should start soon after 'I Like You Again' song.

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