Monday, May 09, 2011

Rain's post on Twitter - Rain and his father exchange messages

29rain Ji hoon jung
@kichun4379 아부지 문자 못보셨나베^^ 문자 보냈어여~공연잘했구여 항상 사랑해
1시간 전
Dad..I think you haven't found a SMS from me^^ I just sent a SMS to you~ I've done well..I always love you.

(Rain's father)
kichun4379 kichun jung

29rain 아들!!콘서트 잘끝났니??? 아빠두가서 봐야는디!! 잘혀찌! 마무리잘하고 건강히 있다와라^~^..! 아들 사랑해!!
1시간 전 via Twitter for iPad
My son!! Your concert have finished well??? I should really have watched the show!!
I'm sure you did fine! Wrap it up and return home in good health^~^..! I love you, son !!

English translation by rain

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