Friday, May 06, 2011

Rain visits my university as a day lecturer

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Rain visited my university as a day lecturer.

Frankly speaking, I didn't like him that much.
I even felt like that he had looked full of conceit on MBC 'Golden Fishery' a couple of years ago, but just because I like to see celebrities, just by the news that a celebrity would come, I was so excited.

He looked much greater in the flesh than on television.
I thought he would be slim and just have a good body, but he was a big, burly, and handsome man.
Seeing that guy who looked so sexy even to me (man) took my breath away.

More than all, he was such a smooth talker than expected, but I was impressed by his profound insight concerning his topic and he struck me as being a very smart man.
As there were his wise answers to our silly questions during the lecture, there was something attractive about him in the way he was coruscatingly brilliant.

Since all seats are reserved, I always install myself in the front row.
So, sitting in the seat assigned to me, I had been so embarrassed when I had been caught while dozing off in class many times, but this seat seemed so good today of all days due to him.

We were able to see his striking figure in a tight-fitting shirt by what I did.
( I was seated with a sign reading "Please take off your jacket~! ) -자켓 벗어주세요~!

Seeing my sign, he said as, "That student has been asking me to take off my jacket..Do you mind if I take it off?"
Keke..I know what I asked him to take it off in the lecture hall is not something to crow about.

He deserved to take off his jacket because he must show us the nice body even if he looked great with the suit.
He took off his jacket, saying, "OK"

Indeed, his figure was in good shape.. kekekeke
Just the thought of it makes my heart flutter even if I'm a man.

Source: & DC
English translation by rain

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