Monday, May 16, 2011

Rain says that the status of Asian entertainment market compares quite well with that of USA's

Singer Rain has intimated he intends to take Asia for his turf by saying that the status of Asian entertainment market compares quite well with that of USA's.

Through a press conference before his Macau concert as part of his Asia tour on the 14th, Rain said, "Now America is no longer dominant. Many Asian movies and musics have gained incredible popularity in recent years. Asia is even with USA in cultural status now."

After introducing his new movie being shot "Flight : Close up to the Sun", Rain mentioned that he wanted to take action films much more and play romantic roles in TV dramas. But he had no comment on his entering the military reported to be scheduled for the end of this year.

At this press conference which started approximately two and a half hours behind schedule, questions were only subject to advance arrangements by his manager. That's why reporters couldn't ask him about his absence due to his compulsory two-year military service.

His fans who visited the Venetian Macao casino-hotel where his concert was held, expected that Rain could surely keep his position even after leaving the military.

University student Zhao Wenwei said, "His two-year military service could help him become stronger, more manly, making him better, more mature."

Another fan who came over from Shanghai, said, "Though we shall be far apart for two years, he'll be always in my heart. I'll remember him, watching his movies and his past works."

Source: Daily Economy
Brief translation by rain

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