Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rain safely arrived in German Dresden

Rain arriving at Dresden Airport.

22시간 걸려서 2시간 전 드레스덴에 도착하시고ㅠㅠ
지금은 드레스덴 호텔 앞 노천바에서
다홍색 맨투맨T에 반바지를 입으시고
스탭들과 맥주를 즐기시고있다고 트윗에 글 올라왔네용~

According to the information from Rain's dance's Twitter posting, the flight to German Dresden Airport took 22 hours and he arrived in that city with his usual entourage of dancers and staffs two hours ago.

With his staffs, Rain is now enjoying beer with his man-to-man T shirt and shorts on, sitting at an outdoor bar in front of the Dresden Hotel.

Source: Twitter / DC
English translation by rain

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