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Rain @ Red Muffler shooting in an air unit

[후기] 4월 19일날에 올라온 후기고요 [영화 레드머플러 촬영현장-공군부대에 왔어요 -
지난주에 공군부대 관사에게 레드머플러 영화촬영을 2일간했어요...
마트에서 정지훈을 가까이 본사람들도 있구요.. 암튼 월드스타를 보니..ㅋㅋ 좋더라구요.
멀리서 봐서 아쉬웠지만 그래도 영화촬영 하는것도 구경하고 재미있었어요.
정지훈 직찍사진이구요..스텝들이 많아서 잘 모르겠자만 한번 찾아보세요.
신세경도 봤는데 사진은 못 찍었네요..^^
댓글에는 [촬영 들어가니깐 조용하라고 해서 목소리만 열심히 듣고 왔어요 정지훈 대사 중 '잘자'만 수십번 들었네요...ㅋㅋㅋ] 남겨주셨네요! 그리고 다른 분 댓글에 <-_-머여...나도 비 볼라고 한번갔더니 비 아역촬영중이더만.ㅠ_ㅠ;나도..비이이이이~>이라고 남겨주셨어요

이거 본건가?

- Brief Summary -

This account was written on 19 April.
Movie 'Red Muffler' was filmed on location in an air unit for the last two days.
Some people had a chance to watch Rain closely in a convenience store.

Unfortunately, I just watched him from the distance while he was shooting the movie, but I enjoyed watching it.
These are pictures of 'Jung Ji Hoon' (Rain).
In the pictures, any of them could not be recognized since there are so many staffs, but try to find out where he is.

Also, I saw actress 'Shin Se Kyubng' but lost the good opportunity to take her picture.
The staffs asked us to be silent by saying, "We'll begin filming right now", so I could only hear Rain's voice from inside the set.

Some of lots of people who were watching there wrote comments, "I guess I could only hear "Good night" dozens of times, which was one of Rain's lines from the movie."
"I was there to look at it, but I could just see a child actor playing the youngest version of Rain. I am dying to see him, too.."

Source: DC
English translation by rain

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