Monday, May 16, 2011

Rain heats up the stage of his Best tour concert in Macau

Top singer Rain has again proven himself to be a big time singer.

Last 14th, Rain's concert was held at 'Cotai Strip CotaiArena" equipped with Asia's best modern comforts and conveniences.

This concert was more spotlighted when it became public knowledge that it would be a part of his last tour concert before joining the army.

Especially, even if VIP seats were priced very high as they were reportedly worth around 330,000 won (around $305), tickets were sold out on the first day when the sale began.

When asked how he could flawlessly work two things as a singer and actor, Rain smiled by saying, "I think both singing and acting are so important to me. I don't want to lose any of those." and "Jakie Chan and Stephen Chow (周星馳) are my heroes among movie stars."

Source: TV Edaily
Brief translation by rain

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