Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Rain gives a talk at Seoul National University in camera where more than 300 students are gathered


Rain gave a talk at Seoul National University in camera, on the 3rd, at 4:00 pm.
His fleeting presence caused more than 300 students to be gathered in the main auditorium.
Not giving them prior notice, he made a surprise visit to the university.

According to his agent, "He's prepared his lecture since last year, but he kept putting off visiting to the university because the lecture hours didn't suit his schedule. Luckily, he found some time today to visit the university. The subject of the talk is about 'Cultural contents', and the lecture is given on the basis of Q&A."

As a rumor that he showed up at the university spread in a flash even if his lecture would be give in camera, more than 300 students were instantly gathered in the main auditorium. His lecture lasted about one hour and a half on this day.

His agent quoted Rain as saying, "Little did I think of being so nervous, but I'm very thankful to be given a warm welcome from many students and I think I had a good experience."

Meanwhile, Rain has got the honor of being on the list of Time's 100 most influential people in the world this year.

He showed off his dignity as a global star, being in rage with Sting, Obama and so on at the Time 100 party in New York last 26th.

Source: Newsen & Korea Economy
Brief translation by rain

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