Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rain at the Dresden Music Festival

On the occasion of the Dresden Music Festival, MCM is bringing together two unconventional artists to participate in a special project. Under the motto of “Five Elements”, the 34th Dresden Music Festival in 2011 invites performing artists to engage in musical encounters between Orient and Occident and to participate in a dialogue between Asian and European philosophies of life. "It is always an interesting time when a motto and a festival program develop together and become entwined" says Jan Vogler.

In accord with this theme, MCM has succeeded in bringing together two luminaries from different styles. This evening, Jan Vogler ? world-famous cellist and artistic director of the Dresden Music Festival is going to perform together with the Asian global pop star Rain. As one of the internationally best-known stars on the classical music scene, in past years Jan Vogler has made the Dresden Music Festival a must-see event on the calendars of the world’s music aficionados. Rain, on the other hand, is Asia’s most popular all-round talent. Not only a pop star, he’s also an esteemed actor and world famous multi-entertainer. Time Magazine selected him for inclusion on the magazine’s list of our planet's hundred most influential individuals already in April 2006 and also recently again in 2011 for the second time.

Also to celebrate this special occasion, MCM created a very unique piece of German craftsmanship for the cello soloist Jan Vogler - you can read more about it here.

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