Sunday, May 29, 2011

Performing is Rain's biggest love

The Korean superstar might play a lot of roles -- singer, actor and producer -- but that one thing which he still adores is to stand on stage.Text & Photos: Joelle Chong

Rain might be a household name now, but fame has not gone into the Korean superstar's head. Many times during the press conference held at the Marina Bay Sands yesterday, Rain thanked his fans over and over again.
At the press conference, Rain was told that a diehard Singaporean fan, who had supported him since 2005, spent more than US$5,000 (S$6,179) trying to catch Rain's concerts around the world.
When asked if he had anything to say to the fan, Rain replied gratefully that he is "very thankful [for her support]" and let on the particular fan was also at his Germany concert 24 hours ago.
Rain added, "I still don't know how to repay the fan's support."
This year, Rain topped the "Most Influential People in the World" poll organised by Time magazine. This is his second time in the list, after his first entrance in 2006. The Korean actor also made his foray into Hollywood, playing the male lead in Ninja Assassin, a role which garnered the "Biggest Badass Star" at the MTV Movie Awards.
Speaking about his international wins, Rain replied that they were all possible, only with his fans' strong support. He added that he had attended the Times 100 reception previously and had met musicians Sting and Bruno Mars.Rain may be fulfilling his military duties soon, but fans will still be able to see him around for a little while more.
During the press conference, Rain revealed that he is currently filming his upcoming movie Flight: Close to the Sun, which he is producing too, and that it would be a blockbuster, complete with comedy and romance.
"I hope all of you will love it," he added with a sincere smile.
Rain also mentioned that he had begun preparations for a new album, but did not provide further details.Not only is Rain a singer and actor, the talented artiste is also a mentor to Korean boy band MBLAQ.
"It's fun and interesting to teach the children. It's not easy because they require guidance. I hope they'll become better," Rain replied thoughtfully.
When asked which of his roles -- singer, actor and producer -- he preferred, Rain laughed and exclaimed, "It's like asking me to choose between my father and my mother!"
While it was a tough choice, Rain ultimately said that he still preferred to be on stage.
With so many things on his plate, what does the singer do to relieve the stress?
"I eat a lot," Rain quipped quickly, causing the media present to burst into laughter. "It's the best way to relieve stress."
The singer grinned toothily and added that he loved a lot of food in Singapore, especially the crabs.Rain will be turning 29 years old in June.
When asked if he wants to get married, the singer replied that although he wants to marry early, it is impossible to do so because he is currently unattached. Rain then added that he does not have any tactics when courting girls, and prefers to leave it to Fate.
The Best 2011 Rain Asia Tour will be held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium tonight, and fans will be able to catch one of the most visually aesthetic performances of the year, coupled with a 2.5-minute long of indoor rainfall.
The 1000 litres of water used to create the 'rain' will be collected and recycled for plant watering. Rain aims to promote environment awareness through The Best 2011 Rain Asia Tour and is communicating water conversation in Singapore.With a production cost of approximately S$1.5 million, the concert boasts of a specially-crafted stage, customised props and equipments as well as 200 costumes.

The Best 2011 Rain Asia Tour in Singapore
Date: May 22, 2011
Time: 7PM
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium
Tickets: S$118, S$168, S$238, S$268, S$288 (excluding S$3 SISITIC fee)


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