Tuesday, May 17, 2011

[Info 1] Rain will visit Hong Kong for MCM on 27 May

Rain will visit Hong Kong on May 27th, 2011 for MCM store grand opening event

Source: Hong Kong newspaper 'oriental daily"
EN by scorpiola
Credit: rain-cloud.co.kr

[Info 2] 24 May Shanghai Concert Press Con & Fan Meet

The Shanghai concert organizer has informed Baidu Rainbar adminstrators that they will organize a press conference together with a fan meeting in the afternoon of 24 May, 2011.

The exact number of fans who can attend the function is not yet finalized, but things being equal, priority will be given to 8th Cloud members. You will need to have the Shanghai concert ticket to be eligible to apply. For those of you who only joined 8th Cloud in the second round, you are still eligible if your payment is received by us before 18 May.

We are helping the organizers to verify 8th Cloud status. If you have a concert ticket and would like to attend the press conference and fan meeting, you can apply through Baidu Rainbar by following this link: http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kz=1079995167

It is in Chinese. For overseas 8th Cloud members who do not read Chinese and would like to join, please register here by replying to this post. Please quote your Cloud log in ID, and please make sure you have a concert ticket.

You can buy the Shanghai concert ticket here: http://www.51piaozi.com/PageDetail/page1677.htm


As we need to provide a number to the organizer, deadline to register will be 18 May. If you have already registered at Baidu Rainbar, please DO NOT REPEAT your registration here.


Source: rain-cloud.co.kr

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