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[Fan Acct] Rain @Suvarnabhumi Airport on 6 May 2011

6 May 2011

21:00 hr Suvarnabhumi Airport.
I arrived at the airport and look at the time schedule. Oh .. I arrived on time flight KE651 is landing. I tried to look for Cloud. .. But I can't see anyone. The airport is not busy as I thought. So I head over to the outside gate 10, the arrival passenger zone at the2 nd floor (every Korean artists to Thailand will exit at this gate because it's the last gate, the bodyguards can block Fans from Artist. Thailand's bodyguard very cruel hahaha).

What !!! ... Pavement outside the airport blocked start at the entrance gate 4. This means that we can’t welcome Rain at 2nd floor, so I back up to the 3rd floor above the gate 10, while I'm gone go looking clouds. And finally I can see ... Really very little Cloud to welcome Rain. All Cloud head to the 3rd floor.

I arrive to the 3rd floor. Cloud no more than 30 people and I saw 2 clouds at the 2nd floor.

OMG!!! How did they entered, very enviable.

They have welcome gift for Rain. I hope Red will get a gift from them. One is the Thai dessert is called "Look Chub"

It's very delicious made from soybean paste stew with sugar made shape like fruit and coated with gelatin. I'm sure Rain will like it taste. The other one gift I didn’t know what because it's inside rainbow bag.

I was practice shooting video from my mobile. This time I doesn't make mistakes like at Pattaya.
about 21:45 hr

Scream sound of people came from below floor. Some Cloud shouted "Rain's Coming" then I turned towards the mobile at the way that Rain walking out.

OMG Rain wear black scott shirt (little white),long black pants, black hat and black sunglasses.

God bless me... Rain in Black…Oh his super white skin contrast with his dress .. Rain super handsome ... the most handsome in the world, he look thinner than when he went to Pattaya (that time I think Rain fat little hehe)

Everyone called out 비, then rain lifted his head to look, slightly smiling and waving his hand to the Clouds ...Oh, my heart beats very strong. Rain prettiest.

Rain received Look Chub Basket from fan and will get another bag from the other clouds, but bodyguard blocked fan from Rain.

Rain go away to the exit door he made basket drop and hurry picked it up haha. I think he worried that their dessert will spill and he can’t eat .(Clouds, screaming when Rain made Look Chub basket falls. May be Clouds would be afraid that Rain can't eat Look Chub too)

Rain get on a black van and the car out quickly. I didn't see Rain’s dancers. I think they exit other gate.

I am very glad I shot this video. And every cloud quickly check their video.
But I'm extremely shocked shocked and shoked…No Rain's VDO in my mobile...O_o"
I would exciting and overheattoo much when Rain walked out and I tried to look for Rain and accidentally hit the button to close the record without my knowing it.I am very saddddddd.

But I heard some Cloud shouting …Oh I can't record... hahaha ...some Clouds are excited and can't record like me. Only 2-3 Clouds can record VDO

Rain you are wrong ...because you handsome too much. It made clouds exciting too much so we can’t record VDO

I plan that I am going to see Rain practice at Arena but don't know how to near him.

And I will bring a birthday gift to Rain the hotel. But I'm sure I can't find or see Rain Thailand's bodyguard most cruel in the world haha).

I just hope that Rain will receive gifts from me.

Cloud love Rain forever.


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