Friday, May 20, 2011

[Fan Acct] Rain @ Dresden

Here's a tweet on twitter : )

"just met bi rain in dresden city.he signed for us n knows about the remarkable presents!"

ok peopz.update time :D we went into the city n then we saw someone n my mind just went like 'omg omg omg is it him?omg omg omg it's him!' n we were scared to ask,but after a little while walking after him n his crew we got a little time to encourage ourselves n finally we called him n he was signing for us http://autographs.from/ somewhere there were other people coming n also get their rain was shopping before with his dancers,they took a picture at a statue n then http://left. we didn't want to disturb their privacy n needed to spazz at the http://place. so i have no idea where he is rn,but we're so happy to have that chance!thank you @29rain for that experience for me n my girls!we hope you like our presents!thanks for being so remarkable n thanks for making us so remarkable!

Rain is eating right now.... in front of my Friend

one of my Friends got his Signature now, my other Friend is just recording cause we have gotten too many Signatures in the Past already . lol
but he rememberd her, he said "yeah I know you, you're from Berlin" . lol ...cause we were always the only ones which were waiting at the Airport, Hotel, Filming Set's ... everywhere in Berlin lol

btw. quite some Fans are there and ...shaking his Hand... getting his Signature...talking to him etc


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