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[Fan account] Rain in Dresden

My personal experiences, just how these time in Dresden was for me

I have to say - in sum, before I start - Super!

When I found out in autumn last year that Rain will perform at the Dresden Music festival I was a bit confused. Like, what will this be, with classical musician.
But sure I could not refuse to rush for a ticket, and when I booked it online, the middle part of the best seats where already gone but still I could catch 2nd row a bit on the right side.

Then time went by, I could fix with my headmaster that I will have 2 days off, but still I was not very excited. Can not really say why, but I was not. Then finally around Easter, it seems it got real for me, and I was looking forward to it, and got more and more curious what we will get. I feel I bought a "Kinder surprise" ;-) and also the official music festival page did not gave much info, so … wait and see.

Wednesday evening I arrived at the airport and stayed there cause my friends who I going to meet and sharing room told me he will arrive soon too, so just stay!
Thank god the airport in Dresden is small, you cannot get the wrong exit. While I was first waiting for my friends to come, I met some fans from japan, who came also to welcome him at the airport, we chit chatted. I love this multicultural thing.

Then my friends arrived, big hello and hugs two of them I did not see for 3 years, another, I just saw her last summer but still. And I finally met a german fan for the first time, we know by internet for quite a while but we never met. So nice to see her.

After a while we were a group about 25 to 30 women. Not many local fans more oversea. Then an official lady from the festival arrived. She was looking at us, and I started to talk to her. She was really nice and not shocked by the fans who waited for him. The situation was a lot more relaxed as in Berlin 2006. No body guards!

Then his plane landed, and first his dancers and staff came out, and then after ~2 min he appeared! Yes he appeared ;-). The girls start calling, and tried to get close to him, I stepped back like I always do in this situation, I do this without thinking, it seems I’m not good in this kind of hectic situations. ;-) He wore a hat, dark jacket, black pants and roman sandals. Oh yes sure and glasses. He did not look around, he rushed to the exit, the girls followed. And he left with the car.
Actually not very satisfying, but as a Rain fan you do not expect anything different. At the airport its always like this. *sigh
But anyway, it was nice to look at him in person again after May2009.

We took our time to go back to our hotel, cause the lady from the music festival confirmed that Rain will stay in the QF hotel as we had guessed. So we were not in a hurry cause, we will be in his hotel anyway ^^
The lady also told us first he was booked on Kempinsky but he changed the booking cause there would not have been enough space for his staff, and he wanted to stay with them so he moved over to the QF hotel.

As we arrived the hotel, fans who were there told us he just arrived and went up. Then the bus with the dancer came, and we went to our room. I unpacked changed and we went downstairs again for maybe dinner or maybe seeing Rain ;-)

And yes - the weather was really good, so we took seats in a restaurant next to the hotel entrance, and yes first the dancers and then after a while Rain came. Wearing shorts and a orange shirt! Jihoon thanks a lot, with this shirt we really could spot you from a far hihihihi.

He left with this dancers, but did not went very far just across the square to a german Bavarian Restaurant, sitting outside, having food, drinking beer and chatting with his guys. We did not went in a group but one by one we just walked by and took a short glance on him. Hihihi

Then he came back to the hotel. Went up. And we went to our room too.
First evening done, Rain seen 3 times. Fine.

Thursday 2011.05.19 - the day of the concert
We just could give wild guess about this time schedule at this day, so were quite relaxed we just had to try our luck to be at the right time at the right place!

My friend told me when she went downstairs first, she saw him leaving in a dark suit, with vogler together. Probably for a photo call.
At the breakfast the waitress told me the whole staff was there for breakfast ~8 but if he was with them she could not say. Anyway we enjoyed our breakfast and took our time till 11am.

Then we gathers in front of the hotel not really sure what to do, as someone said he is back in the hotel already – so no more wondering what to do – waiting for him!
We did not have to wait too long and some dancers appeared, and a short while later Rain came too.
He met Vogler in front of the hotel and they had a short chat. And then Rain and his dancers walked over to the middle of the square to take some pics. We also took pics but just from far.
He was wearing Jeans, Leo-print shirt, brown sneakers and sun glasses. When he came out of the hotel he finished a bottle of coke light.

When they started walking, we followed, but this was not easy, cause there were not many ppl around so we were very obvious. After about 50m they stopped and changed the direction they went back – and we spread in all directions. Hahahaha must have looked very funny ;-)

I stand in front of a postcard shop, pretending to look at the post cards –but (hahaha so stupid of myself .-.. but still I had a reason to wear ) I thought ...I can stay there, I'm western he will not notice me as his fan ... but hihihihihi I was wearing a sixtofive bear shirt hahahahaha he looked in my direction I think he saw the shirt, but his dancer for sure and he looked like – okay nice try! Hahahaha … but still its okay, I wore the shirt on purpose, I wanted that ppl can see I'm his fan. Okay cover blown off. So I did not longer had to hide! A good thing too.

But anyway at least the moment they changed direction he noticed us and that we are following him, we were a group about 10 to 15 girls, I did not count but I had the feeling he has done. Hahaha
So we crossed the square and went on walk with him.

I have to say -I enjoyed every single moment of the next ~90 min. Every thing was very relaxed, no hectic, no running, no one send us away or blocked us.
He knew that we follow him and he was fine with, just when 2 girls tried to take pics from close, his dancers said: pls no pics. But then all was fine.

We walked through a little market where he posed for the twitter pics, and went on to a shopping mall, where he first entered an apple shop.
But the funny thing is - he recently turned around several times to look after us. I had the feeling he was saying -everybody here? Can we go on? Or like hurry up we go on! ^^

So in the mall we tried to keep a distance to him, he fells comfortable with, but the range was big …mean from 10m close to about 3m.
Cause it was not so easy, cause sometimes they walked a bit faster sometimes slower. So we got closer.
I feel a bit strange doing this, cause I never did before, never had the chance to do this before - so - but still I liked it, cause I could feel he is fine with it, so we can do it.
When he stopped - went in a shop, some of the girl hide, I did not ...cause I think, he already knew exactly who follows him, so what the point about hiding. While we were walking behind him, we also chit chat like he did with his dancers - so very relaxing. For him and for us.

Then there was funny situation, he went up with the escalator, and a Canadian fan an I also stepped on the escalator going up, we just thought he will walk on when he reaches the end but - …he stopped!!!! And we: ohhhhhh what to do ... We are coming ...jihoon if you don’t want to have us close just walk away ...we cannot do anything the escalator is going on moving up. But he stood still... and turned around facing us coming up! My friend greeted him when we were nearly on top and he nodded. I could not do anything just smiled at him. *faint ...I had the feeling he wanted to have a closer look at us, ahahaha

He and his dancers went into the "Zara" shop and looked around. They took their time, I could see that Rain looked for shorts, and he tried some stuff, then he came out with some pieces and went to pay, his dancers where not done yet … they went on shopping and Rain came out and sat down in front of the shop waiting for his guys.

Meanwhile we also had taken a seat but a bit more far not directly in front of the shop, but my first thought has been to sit down where Rain then sat, I wonder if he would have taken the 2nd place if I would have been sit there???? ;-) One of the other fans said yes, I would say no.

After the shopping at Zara, we stroll around a bit more in the mall but then left soon. In-between 2 german girls pumped in him at the mall and had the chance to greet him and get a handshake ^^ very happy for them. Then they also asked him for an autograph and they also got.

As we left the mall, we went on walking around in the historical part of Dresden, Rain did take pics and his dancers too. We followed them, some other girls saw him, also western fans, they went close, he greeted them. So happy that he got to see he also has western fans. Then some of them were not sure to ask him for an autograph we told them – go for it maybe your only chance! They did and he stopped and started to write. So also some of girls of our following group grab the chance. So he singed about 10 things. And then he went on.

What about me, - nothing this time I did not bring anything to sign so ..its like it should not happen ..but its okay ^^.

Then we came back close to the hotel again, they stopped at an Asian restaurant and sat down outside to have lunch.

We could see he enjoyed his lunch, and chatted a lot. From time to time fans dropped by and asked for autographs, he gave and shook hands.
I was sitting maybe 25m away fighting with myself should I try to get one, is it the right time - or already tooo late, cause he did write so many already???? Yes no yes no I don't know. At least I grabbed one concert folder and prepared my pen.
Then I saw he was done with eating, and lean back in the chair. And before my mind did decide, my body told me to get up and walk over.
I was holding the folder - he was not facing my direction so he did not see me coming. When I was there, I said: Sorry could pls sign this for me? He turned around looking friendly at me, and settled himself upright in the chair to get a better writing position. And took my folder and singed - I had the feeling he wrote for ages ... such a long signature *faint I said thank you and he said thank you and we shook hand for a moment ...And I left...

Back at my table I was shaking like crazy - finally after 7 years - I have an autograph from him *faint - Sooo happy I was brave enough to try! And happy I got a moment he was not wearing glasses. ^^
And the best thing was that all my friend were so happy for me too.

Soon after he left the restaurant - vanished for a short while to come back with his staff to have ice-cream in the next restaurant outside again. Thanks jihoon so easy to watch you.
The group was eating a lot, ordered a lot of coupes, and from his twitter pics I can say he enjoyed.

Then he went to the hotel.

At 6 he left for the Semper Oper.

2nd part the concert coming sooon ........

Credit: freya1507@sexybi

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