Sunday, April 10, 2011

Time Magazine Says This Week’s Conversation Included RAIN

Well, well, well.

I was upstairs, where I was chillin' with my family after my lunch break and watching a little television, when my dad suddenly pipes up from his recliner.

"Well, well. Lookie here," he says. "Look who's in our Time Magazine."

I get up from the sofa to take the magazine from him as he taps his finger on a piece in Time Mag's Inbox, on page 6. There, in the section called, The Conversation, which highlights a few of the magazine's topics of the past week, is a brief mention of’s Online Poll and its current leader: Rain. They also include a photo of Rain flashing a peace sign, from the MTV Movie Awards:Aw. It's only a small mention, but still, I think it's great press for a fella Cloud USA just happens to think is DA BOMB. Go Rain! And keep on VOTING, Clouds!

Terri :-}

P.S. I also enjoyed the rest of the magazine as well. Of notable mention elsewhere is David Von Drehle's article about the Civil War, called The Way We Weren’t and HBO’s announcement of their serial adaptation of one of my most favorite fantasy novel series called A Game of Thrones, by George RR Martin. If you don't subscribe to Time Magazine, you can read Drehle’s The Way We Weren't. online at Give it a gander. It's a intelligent and informative read. :-}


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