Monday, April 04, 2011

[Rainy Day Season 3 Ep 1] Rain rehearsing for his Adieu Concert

- Aired on April 2, 2011 -


Rain: Hi, everyone. This is Rain.
Are you healthy and doing well?
I'm also doing just fine.
Rainy Day Season 3 will finally start.
Please give me your love and support.
My unprecedented features could be shown to you this time.
I hope to get a lot of support from you, and please be always healthy and happy.
My Rainy Day Season 3 will be coming to your TV screens shortly.
Thank you.

Rain Story #1 (Rain rehearsing for his Adieu Concert in Seoul at the last day of the year 2010)

- In winter 2010 -

Rain: Good evening!

Rain: This is our second rehearsal, right?

Rain: Let us go from the 'I'm Coming' part.
Hyung! Please don't forget to tune on 'Not A Single Day' music while I make a comment after 'You'.

Rain: You should know that no one knows what's going to happen after my comment.
Just as I maintain good eye contact with my audience unfolding my arms while I'm talking, my next song will start.

Staff: We're ready to help you get started as soon as you want.

Rain: OK! Let's start from the I'm Coming' part.

Rain: Hyung! Can you play this tune on your guitar instead of that keyboard?
Is it possible for you to do so?

Rain: Please let us start from this choreography (head banging) immediately following 'I'm Coming'

Rain: Why is this part, 'While walking along the road' in 'You' song, left off of the sequence?

Staff: It's been omitted in most of the accompaniments.

Rain: But the music was played during my concert in Japan last time.

Staff: It was just a music record tape at that time.

Rain: I think I have to record the part.

Staff: The omitted part can be recorded.

Rain: Let's start again from the first part.

Staff: You mean that it is the first part of 'You'?

Rain: That's right.

Video Credit:
Brief translation by rain

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