Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Rain's transformation into an Air Force pilot is opened to the public

Singer and actor Rain has opened the Red Muffler shooting to the public.

Rain said a few words about filming the movie through his Twitter on the 6th, "It's very fun to film my movie these days..Fighter plane !! Filming a fighter plane movie is a great enjoyment to me for words, but I think it'll be the best movie ever.. This is my first excitement for a long time."

Following, he revealed himself up on the plane by saying, "Let me introduce my F15K to you, the name of which is 'Red Muffler' " The picture shows Rain wearing a pilot suit, sunglasses, and a combat flying wing cap.

Rain has been filming 'Red Muffler (working title) with actress 'Shin Se Kyung'.

Source: My Daily
English translation by rain

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