Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rain gets on the cover of Monthly Air Force April 2011

월간공군 2011년 4월 (Monthly Air Force April 2011)
ROKAF Monthly Publication (ROKAF : Air Force of the Republic of Korea )


대한민국 최초의 공중 액션 블록
버스터 「레드머플러

(「Red Muffler」 which is the first aerial action blockbuster of the Republic of Korea.)

레드머플러를 두른 월드스타 정지훈
마하 2.3의 전사로 거듭나다!

(World star 'Jung Ji Hoon' (Rain) wearing a red muffler, turns over a warrior who flies at a speed of Mach 2.3 ! )

기획특집 - 반세기 만에 돌아온 전설「빨간마후라」18
기획특집 - 「빨간마후라」(1964) vs 「레드머플러」(2011) 47년의 세월, "같되 다르게" 22

(Feature story: 「Red Muffler」 , a legendary film which has come back to the screen for the first time in half a century - page18)
(Feature story : 「Red Muffler」(1964) vs 「Red Muffler」(2011)
It's been 47 years since it was played at first time, and "the old and the new have the same concepts, but make them different from each other" - page22)

정지훈 : 탁월한 비행기술을 갖고 있지만 조금은 제멋대로인 조종사 태훈역
(Jung Ji Hoon (Rain) : plays a character called "Tae Hoon" who has a great skill at flying but has his own way to some extent, in the movie.)

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Credit: scorpiola / ratoka
English translation by rain

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