Tuesday, April 26, 2011

RAIN, departs to attend Time's event, representing Korea

"I will come back after pouring rain in New York".

Top star Rain (29, real name Jung Ji Hoon) will depart to New York on the 24th at 7:30 by way of In Chon national airport. This upcoming 26th, he boarded the plane to attend New York's "Time 100" party.

Last 14th, Rain was ranked 1st amongst "The world's 100 most influential people" by Time Magazine. He beat world recognized Jay Chou and Susan in the rating. More than anything, Rain received the glory as he was picked twice as for the first time in Asia's as "Time 100".

Rain's footsteps were light despite the importance of the event. Rain was full of tingly feelings and anticipation as he arrived to the airport early. What was most noticeable was his simplified outward appearance. His hair style was especially simple yet tough-looking.

The airport's fashion also drew attention. As if he had realized the long flight hours, he wore a plain brown t-shirt with black pants, displaying a casual and comfortable style. His dark sunglasses made his style hard to miss at the airport.

As much as he was a major star fashionista, he did not let go of some fashion points. On this day, his point was a leopard printed backpack. The backpack was very noticeable because of the neutral tone color overall of his clothes. A gold watch was noticeable as well on his wrist. Rain’s unique signature fashion style was displayed as is.

The prop he held in his hand was also noticeable to the eye. Rain had prepared a lot of props for the long plane trip. More than anything, his "Time" magazine popped out the most. On Rain's one hand was a "Time" magazine that was affecting reporter's attention and caused a baptism of camera flashes. He also wore large headphones over his ears and carried his cell phone visibly.

Through Rain's departure news article, many fans awaited him at the airport. The fans that were cheering towards him received Rain's light nod and smile. Rain showed nice manners in taking the time to autograph for each and every single person per fan's request before departing.

Rain is currently casting the movie "Red Muffler" with Shin Se Kyung after finishing up last year's KBS 2 TV's soap opera "The Fugitive Plan B".

Source Via: News Naver, askActor

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