Thursday, April 28, 2011

[Fan Acct] Time 100 Gala at Jazz in Lincoln Center on 26 April 2011

The weather was very nice although it has originally forecasted as Rainy night. The Gala was officially started at 6pm. Photographers and reporters were ready around 5:30pm. My friend decided to do media for this ceremony in the last minutes, she has told me if I want to be her photographer...wowo...of course, I can’t say NO...haha...

The red carpet was located at the main entrance of Columbus Circle. (Jazz at Lincoln Center is inside the shops at Columbus Circle). Rain arrived at red carpet around 7:15pm. He wore black tuxedo with black tie. The red carpet has divided into 2 sides, one for photographers and another for reporters. My spot was located next to Korea Times and YTN. Rain only received questions from YTN (video will posted later). Since I am a reporter/ photographer, I could stand with reporter side. It was a great spot, I could see his front face. He answered questions with lovely smile. It's a short interview, then he kept walking toward the check in desk. By the end of red carpet, Rain saw a group of USA fans. According to Scropiola, he did waved to them. I gave my lightboard to DC Cloud. I guess he saw it. J Behind me, there were few Cloud USA fans, they kept screaming "Rain...Rain..." After the check in desk, fans might still see Rain behind the security line. Then it should be international media spot, Rain took photos there (the Time 100 wallpaper). At last, he took elevator to the 5th floor for party.

The cocktail was started at 7pm and the dinner was at 8pm. After I finished my photographer job, I joined DC Cloud to have dinner. Then, we met Scropiola and other fan, we chatted and shared the happiness memory. Around 9:30pm, I told everybody that it should be about the time to check him. I got a feeling that he probably would leave before 10pm. So, we wrapped the things and checked the party entrance again...wowow..."what can I say?" Timing is perfect. I saw Rain's camera-man there. He seemed waiting for someone....hahaha...who else?

About 5 minutes, Rain came down from elevator with English Teacher. He did the short interview with camera-man (we guess it should be for Rainy Day series). At that time, there were no fans, no media, nobody there...only some people went in and out the elevator. Scropiola was busy to tape Rain. I and other 2 fans stood aside facing Rain. We didn't put the cameras up. 3 of us just looked at him. He was so cute...he talked and faced to camera man on one second, he turned his face to us one second...then keep doing this one after one...It's difficult to describe the feeling. Imagine a little boy kept doing home work but eyes were looking at his toys or ice-creams. His eyes seem saying I want to go that side...About 5-7 minutes, he finished the clip and ready to leave. We ran toward him and want to get the autograph. Finally 2 fans got autographs on album and Time 100 magazine. Rain continued to sign before he went into his car. Unfortunately, security tried to rush him into the car. Rain said "I am sorry". I stayed in the front of his strength limo. I saw him turn the light on. Sit relaxingly...yeah!

Ji Hoon will leave NY tomorrow. The short 3 and half days trip gave us unforgettable memory.

Missing him!

-by Cuckoo


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