Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rain's three-day schedule to visit Beijing for his 'The Best Concert'

03.25 베이징 KE851 AM10:25 도착, 라디오FM900 PM12:00, 기자회견 PM04:00~05:00 / 03.26 THE BEST 콘서트 PM07:30~10:00 / 03.27 베이징 출국 (출처:바이두)

3/25/2011: Rain'll leave on the Beijing flight KE851

10:25am: He'll arrive in Beijing.

12:00pm: He'll be a guest on a live radio show (FM900)

04:00~05:00pm: He'll give a press conference.

3/26/2011: 07:30~10:00pm: The Best Concert.

3/27/2011: He'll leave the city.

Source: Baidu
English Translation by rain bird@rain-eu.com

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