Friday, March 25, 2011

Rain's own special method of shaking off the cold (from Twitter)

감기 걸려서 콧물찔찔 흘리고있는데 정지훈님이 레몬 넣은 물 마시고 자기 이름 열번 부르고자면 무조건 낳을거라는데 한번 해볼까 심하게 고민중이다 어쨌든 비느님이니깐~ 11시간전 via Twitter for Android

When I caught a cold with a nonstop runny nose, Rain taught me how to get rid of the cold by saying, "Drink water with lemon added and call my name 10 times, and you'll get over your cold and no question asked."
I'm seriously thinking about giving it a try. Anyway, since it is the god Rain, I will try~

Source: gangyoon kevin ra @
Re-up by DC
English translation by rain

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