Monday, March 14, 2011

Rain will attend Pattaya International Music Festival as a representative of Korea, with female singer 'Son Dahm Bi'


As representatives of South Korea, both Rain and female singer 'Son Dahm Bi' will participate in the 9th annual 2011 Pattaya International Music Festival which will proceed for three days from the 18th of March.

This festival celebrating its 9th anniversary this year, is famous as a popular music festival in which various genres are performed with Asia's top musician, including Thailand's.

This year especially, far more musicians are waiting to show music lovers their best performances. Top oversea singers from Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippine, and Laos, including Korea, as well as more than 40 teams, including 'Golf &Mike', 'Bie The Star', 'Potato' who are some of the most popular singers in Thailand, will attend the event. (There are 9 countries that attend the event, including Thailand.)

This festival is known to be one of the largest in Southeast Asia as well as in Thailand, where more than 300,000 viewers, locally and abroad, attend each year.

For the three-day event, performances continuously come to 3 specially prepared open-air stages which are separately installed on Pattaya Beach, from 6pm until midnight every day, and spectacular scenic views are laid out when a crowd of people move from one place to another at a time.

According to the Korean Wave Organization expressed, "This festival will be televised live to audiences all over Thailand through the country's terrestrial television broadcasting and satellite TV. And South Korean singers' performances will be relayed live by satellite to Korea, which will elevate the status of South Korea in the area, at the same time will make a significant contribution to a big boost of South Korea's national image."

Source: Osen
English translation by rain

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