Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rain in an interview with BBTV Ch7 "คันปาก" in Thailand

** Rain part starts from 06:22
** Rain Interview part: 07:17~08:13

"Hi, everyone. It's been a long time since we last met.
This is Rain. I've missed you a lot.

Even though I've really wanted to visit here because there are many things including delicious foods, sea, and so on that I like about Thailand, I've always been too busy to do so. But I've finally come to be here.

I'll hold a concert at Impact Arena on May 8th, and I think it's going to be a great show because it'll be the first performance in this country in a long time.

Thank you for welcoming me warmly whenever I visit here, and thank you for giving me your love. I hope that many of you'll be at my concert on May 8th and that my drama 'The Fugitive Plan B' will get a lot of praise and attention from you. Thank you."
English translation by rain

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