Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Rain appointed as an environmental ambassador for China


World star Rain was recently appointed to be an ambassador for the prevention of desertification in China.

On March 1st, the multi-entertainer attended a ceremony at Beijing's Hilton hotel to receive the formal appointment as a 'Korea-China Youth Environment Protection’ ambassador.

To commemorate the event, Rain sang 'Treasure', which was specially produced and recorded in Mandarin-Chinese to promote the protection of the environment in China. Rain stated, "I'll do my best to prevent desertification in China. I worked especially hard on my Chinese pronunciations while recording this song. I hope to sing it to my fans at one of my concerts".

The star also revealed some information about the '2011 Rain Asia Tour Environmental Protection Concert', which is to be held on March 26th in Beijing. Rain explained, "This will be the first concert of the tour and is the only concert to be held in China. I worked extra hard to prepare for this concert".

The singer added, "The Korean team that I worked with for a long time will be in charge of producing the entire concert, which will be divided into two parts, and last from two and a half to three hours".

Chinese fans have already been gearing up to attend Rain's concert. Because the concert will be held especially to promote the protection of the environment, many Chinese fans have suggested that everyone bring their own plastic bags to collect their own trash.

Source: Source: TV Daily via Nate
Credit: Allkpop

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