Sunday, March 13, 2011

[Notice from rain-cloud] We are collecting money for the earthquake victims in Japan

Hello, this is the 7th term executive board.

As news on the extensive damage from a major earthquake in Japan is broadcast day after day on television, we think all of you know about it.

Of course, we believe that we should need to take the initiative, and give out a helping hand, but we can't pretend we know nothing about that, particularly because that's where our artist Rain has been active.

We've normally done donation activities within each period of the membership, but as you know, 7th term membership account has expired to cover the server cost. In addition, we have no right to spend the money collected for a specific purpose (the 8th executive board activity cost or server cost), despite working on the recruitment of 8th membership members. So we try to raise money to help the earthquake victims separately.

We want to ask you your views as to whether we spend the money from 8th term membership account, roughly ten million won. (For your reference, we contributed 30 million won to support victims recover in Haiti)

It is not advisable for the 7th term executive board, who are not qualified as the 8th term executive board who haven't yet formally begun working, to spend the money, but that situation in that country does allow the 7th term board to bring up this point. This information has been posted even at '구름들의 사랑공간' section of this site to question 8th term Cloud membership members on their opinions.

Please send your donation by wire to the account below.
After the fund-raising, the remitter list and the total amount will be posted on this site.
The names of the remitters will be posted after being modified, so If you use any of the names during the remittance, never mind.

The period of the remittance: Till 3/22/2011 (Tue)
The domestic account number: 486802-01-135426 / Kookmin Bank / 김예지 (recipient)
When oversea fans use PayPal
- PayPal account:
- When you remit the money through PayPal, please put '일본재해 기부금' into Subject and Note sections, respectively.

Donation has nothing to do with the amount of money.
Please remember your small support will give them big encouragement, so participate hard.

Thank you.

English translation by rain

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