Sunday, March 06, 2011

[Notice from rain-cloud] Undisclosed pictures of Rain are released

Hi, this is 7th Cloud executive board.

As stated above, undisclosed pictures of Rain have been posted to help reinvigorate this Cloud official site..

Another unclosed pictures of him will be here soon, so we ask for your continuous interest.

* [Please look at these pictures only on this Cloud official site]

These images are for 7th Cloud membership members.

They will soon be posted on once again for all of fans, but the server of the site is also in an unexpected state. If they can't be posted on the site, we'll post them on image section or on 구름들의 사랑공간 section of the Cloud official site. So until then, please look at them only on this Cloud official site..

*We are afraid there may be a misunderstanding here as to our intention of uploading his pictures in these times, but please just enjoy them because they are just for Cloud members.

Thank you.

English translation by rain

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