Thursday, March 03, 2011

[hunantv] Rain Beijing 'The Best' Concert Press Con

It'll probably be a two or two and a half hour show, and it has two parts.

In the first part of the show, a unique laser performance will be presented, and its second part will show a fantastic mask performance. There will be no guest appearances from the cast of the concert, but maybe someone turns up as a surprise guest, maybe not. If you come to the concert on the day, you can enjoy it.

It's all right with me. A preparation period of at least three months is required to give a concert. For that reason, all members have been hard at work. They carried on about their aching bodies to me, that's why I nicknamed them, "General Hospital." If you come to my concert once, you can feel that we've worked very hard.

Actually, I studied Chinese. I wanted to continue my studies, but I gave up quite a while because I moved into US market. I've recently started studying it again for my concert, but the pronunciation seems to be too difficult, so I'm studying it from the beginning level.

I love you.

Source: Hunantv / Pomoho
Video Credit:
English translation by rain

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