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[Full Ver] CRN FM90.0 Music Radio Rain's Interview


-Rain makes a special guest appearance on "Sound of Music FM900", a Chinese radio show, on March 25th-

Hi, everyone. This is Rain.

MC: You are the first global star to make a special appearance on this program, so many people are listening to it.

Rain: Thank you.

You are known as an honorary ambassador for a campaign to help prevent desertification. Would you introduce me to the work?

Rain: As a representative of young men, I've been named an honorary ambassador for the campaign.
I've come to sing a song, Treasure, as part of the campaign.
In this endeavor, I'll also talk about the campaign at my concert tomorrow.

Rain: I practiced a lot in front of this studio just a minute ago.

Rain: Zeon I

Rain: These words are easier to speak because they are short.

Rain: I still haven't had lunch. I was afraid that I would be late in heavy traffic, so I got here about one hour ago, and I was waiting in this place.

Rain: I think it's hardly the thing to arrive late because it's been a long time since my fans and I last met.

MC: What do you call "I'm hungry" in Korean? Baegopdah?

Rain: Yes, Baegopdah.

Rain: I think 'It's Raining' song was released about 6 years ago.

Rain: I'll sing several different songs including this song during this concert.

Rain: When my eyes are changed.

MC: Your eyes are attractive. [eyes are called 'Nun'(눈) in Korean] ['Your eyes are attractive' are 'Maeryuckjeoidah' (매력적이다) in Korean]

Rain: 'Red Muffler' is a movie about combat planes, and exciting battle scenes on the air will be seen in the movie.

Rain: I boarded a combat plane once.

Rain: I passed a training course at high pressure and carried out exercises in a drill that includes aircrafts.

Rain: You speak Korean very well.

Rain: This is not at all an easy thing to do because I'm trained under conditions that closely resemble real combat, compared to what the process was not that hard during the drama 'Full House' shoot.

Rain: I've exercised a lot and lost a lot of weight and consequently feels better.

Rain: I think I've completed to build six packs.

Rain: In my case, I put on weight in winter, while I lose some weight in spring.

Rain: I find myself speaking such an exciting tune in dialect when I soak up the atmosphere where I interact with my fans in opening up each others minds during my live concert.

Rain: Thank you. From my 5th album 'Back To The Basic', Love Song is a R&B song, both 'Same' and 'Hip Song' are pop dance-style songs. So, this album includes 4 different tracks.

Rain: In the album, an androgynous image that expresses a long eyelashes style, a bling bling style, etc. is created.

Rain: I don't like things way it is, so I try to give variety to my albums.

Rain: They think that I am tough, but I'm a charmer towards my girl friend. However, now I have no girl friend.

Rain: I think I share some traits with the character I played on "Full House"

Rain: The song (Love Song) on this album released in Korea last year was number one for several weeks. It was more successful than I had expected, so I was very surprised.

Rain: This album will also come out in China soon. I hope to get a lot of support and interest form all of you. If I receive considerable response to the album, I intend to do more music activities in China.

Rain: I've tried hard to live up to your expectations.

Rain: I've been trying to focus on what I should do to make no mistake and to entertain all of you for this concert.

Rain: Thank you.

27:37~ 27:50
Rain: There will be a spectacular laser show this time compared to what I used to just sing while applying special effects to my performances, so you will probably be surprised by the scene if you are at my concert.

Rain: What's 'laser show' called in Chinese? 'Zigwoang show'?

Rain: Thank you.

Rain: I've tried all genres of music, but I want to combine dance with rock later.

Rain: 'Hip Song' by definition means just having a great time, swaying your hips to the music.

Rain: I think it is exciting and fun to see a lot of people showing much interest in me even if the overmuch concern can often cause misunderstanding.

I feel much better after hearing that many of you always watch me pursue my dreams of becoming a better artist, so I try to always work hard as a singer and actor.

Rain: My new album for all of Asia or for the whole world will come out soon.
I'm trying to work on the music with several talented musicians in this endeavor.
Also, drama 'The Fugitive Plan B' that ran in Korea last year, will seem to be shown in China soon.
In addition, I'll do a new film or a new drama in a relatively short period of time.
I hope to get a lot of support and interest from you.

Rain: I love you. (in Chinese)

Rain: Thank you (in Chinese)

Rain: Oh, that's right!

Rain: Thank you (in Chinese)

Credit: Audio recorded by 金夫人0咩丫@baidu rain bar / Audio Edited by scorpiola / scorpiola@tudou
Brief translation by rain

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