Thursday, March 17, 2011

The first shooting of movie 'Red Muffler' starring Rain takes place

-Based on Rain-

A scene in the blockbuster film, 'Red Muffler', was shot for the first time at a club in Seoul's Kangnam-gu on the 15th, where the main characters 'Jung Ji Hoon' (Rain), 'Lee Ha Na', 'Lee Jong Seok', etc. play in the movie were gathering together at a welcoming party for Flight Lieutenant 'Jung Tae Hoon' (Jung Ji Hoon or Rain plays) who has become a part of 'The 21st Combat Wing'.

'Jung Ji Hoon' gave off his childlike charm to the fullest in the scene that tells the story of Flight Lieutenant 'Jung Tae Hoon' (he plays) bragging about his adventurous acrobatic flight, despite having been demoted from 'Black Eagles', a special air force group, to the combat wing with the result that he has gotten himself into a big trouble.

'Jung Ji Hoon' (Rain) stated his feelings about having started shooting, "I play a very fascinating character who takes the head in dealing with problems in a critical situation that might soon turn into a war, even though having a characteristic type of unpredictableness. I think we've off to a good start because we do agree in tone."

Meanwhile, as a film crew specializing in airplanes which has ever helped create not only hollywood blockbusters such as 'Inception', 'Dark Knight', 'Con Air', etc. but also other movies, 'Sky Fighters', 'Stealth', etc. has started joining the Red Muffler team, expectations are growing.

Source: Sports Josun
Brief translation by rain

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