Sunday, March 27, 2011

[Fan Acct] I went to Rain's Beijing concert yesterday

My account isn't too late, is it?

I deserve to get up late today, since I shouted my head off at the concert yesterday.

Sure enough, Rain's stage was great!! My friends who accompanied me were also hooked by him, so we continued to chat for hours on the way home..

We arrived at the concert venue two hours early, and walked around the place, seeing much there.

When we tried to find the way to the entrance because we didn't know where it was while engaging in chatter, Chinese Clod fans glimpsed at us all the time. Then, they came up to us and handed us a banner written in Korean.

They asked us what the meaning of the word on the banner was, and then they and we just started getting a flow together.The Cloud fans we met the first time were all college students from Wuhan region.

They told us that they came from all over the country, taking the trains to Beijing. They prepared and brought tools and banners to use when they supported Rain, that looked so cool!

When we reached at the entrance with them, we thought that there would obviously be a lot of Koreans inside the venue because there are many Koreans living in Beijing, but Chinese, Japanese, and Korean seemed to account for around 90%, 5%, and 5% of the total attendees, respectively. It was one of the proudest moments in my life !!! It was a moment when his worth was shown to everyone..

When we got there, we saw a group of Chinese fans being photographed with a banner in their hands.

And there were all different kinds of people, all different ages, but the number of young people was the highest among all of them none the more.

That was a new building, so it had all kinds of good facilities. 2 fans beside me came from Thailand, and a man beside my friend came there all alone. There were very many men as well as women.

The show began promptly at 7:30 pm.

He spoke in Chinese in the middle of the show, despite his bad Chinese. He even let out a loud sneeze while he was talking. (When he took off his top and when he let out a sneeze, fans screamed more loudly by saying, "So cute.. So cool..." I think people are basically the same the world over.)

He stood unchallenged in his live performance even though he seemed not to be in his very best condition..

During the show, some male Chinese fans shouted out, "So cool!!! So handsome!! ", and some shouted, clamoring for an encore, "Please don't finish it !" Some asked him, shouting, "Please come even to Shanghai next time!"

We were so proud of Rain who enhances national prestige abroad. I think he is a nice man even with a lot of personal appeal. After the show, we decided to study harder than ever before to succeed like him, it might have been just out of the blue though.

In the meantime, thank you for giving me your time and consideration.

Source: so coool@benamoo
English translation by rain

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