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[Fan Account] The Best 2011 Rain Asia Tour – Beijing 2011.3.26

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There are already many fan cams and fan accounts. I will just add mine for those who care to read on.

A lot of the information was provided by my friends, who were most energetic and resourceful to follow our prince around. While I felt ashamed that we almost left him no privacy I also felt fans' desire just to know more about how our prince spent his time, and just wanted to be around him when he appeared. Most fans really behaved well and kept their distance, but there were always some black sheep and what they did upset our prince. I hope, if you continue to read on and enjoy it, we could all remember to strike a balance between our curiosity and our prince private freedom.

am Beijing Airport

I arrived in time to welcome our prince at the airport. Usually our prince should have come out quite early (assuming he's traveling on 1st class), but this time we saw many people come out but no sight of him. I found out later this was because our prince had a washroom break^^ (I guessed he wanted to re-freshen himself to give the best look to the huge crowd waiting outside – his manager must have tipped him!)

Indeed he came out in such refreshing, casual yet stylish look (white tee, white jacket, black hat and sun glasses). He waved to us and crowds began to follow him up the escalator. I stayed and watched him go up – he's like a god ascending, and I was too awed I forgot even to take a picture.

He attended a radio program immediately after he landed. This was the only program of which I didn't have much detail.

pm JVJQ conference

Over 200 fans gathered inside the room waiting for our prince. The MC asked us to practice cheering for him and was not impressed by our lukewarm response.Fans didn't need rehearsal, as soon as our prince appeared the room roared. His casual sky blue suit made him look like the ambassador of spring. His clean, healthy image fitted very nicely the gifts presented to him by two Cloud representatives. One gave him a bike, the other presented him with the certificate bearing the name of the forest (2000 trees) "Cloud & Rain", which was the tree planting donation project the Cloud endorsed. Both gifts also reflected his role as the ambassador for environmental protection nominated by the Chinese authorities.

I knew afterwards that when the conference was over, our prince could have left quietly from the car park. Instead he wanted to give fans more chance to see him so he left from the main entrance. His interpreter asked fans in advance not to rush over our prince, and Clouds all behaved themselves!

Evening. Rehearsal

My resourceful friend was able to go inside to watch the rehearsal. She told me excitedly that our prince said a lot of Chinese words, and felt very pleased with his new talent. His favourite words were "jia yo" (literal meaning: add strength – similar to fighting). He moved about happily adding these two words almost to any other Chinese phrases he said. He was so cute and sweet that audience on the floor all couldn't help laughing. He heard that and was alerted (he was behind a white curtain but people on the floor could see his movements). So he asked why there were so many sponsors around. At this point the security began to check identity and my friend was asked to leave. She pledged to me that everyone laughed, staff et al.

I did not go to the rehearsal because I got incorrect information that our prince would return to the hotel soon. So we waited in the hotel lobby instead. The "soon" turned out to be a long wait, and around 11.30 my friend got back from the rehearsal place and told us that according to her source, our prince would be very late. We decided to call it a day and returned to our rooms.

But our prince out witted us again. He returned shortly after midnight. The lucky ones who persevered were able to greet him, shake hands and give him their gifts. I was totally defeated again. Must get back my luck the next day!

2011. 3. 26
am Hotel lobby

Everybody's information was that our prince would leave the hotel around 10 or 10.30 am. There was a swarm of fans in the hotel lobby.

We waited until almost lunch time and there was still no sight of our prince. Staff, his manager all appeared one after the other but not our prince. They went to the plaza next to the hotel, and later we saw the manager come back with a bag of McDonalds. May be our prince had intended to go for an early lunch but aborted his plan and had his favourite junk food again? Not sure, and I felt guilty if this was the case, as we might have been the culprit.

To cut a long waiting story short, our prince finally appeared around 4 pm or later. Again, the lucky ones - like my Korean friend who was sitting on a chair behind a long table saw our prince appear right in front of her. She shouted out in Korean about having a great concert tonight. Our prince gave her a sweet smile and said Nei. Then he walked towards our direction and I had a good look at him for about 2 seconds before he was overwhelmed by fans as he got out the hotel door.

Six hours of waiting, some even missed their lunch. Sounded crazy right? Yes, it was indeed insane. But if you saw the expression of my lucky Korean friend, she felt she was the luckiest girl in the world and beamed with joy as she told me her story.

My reward of 6 hours waiting was a 2 second close look of his fair skin and his statue like face, (but I couldn't even remember what exactly he wore and whether he had sun glasses).

Consider me unlucky? My other friend couldn't even catch a glimpse of our prince because she was in the wrong position. I felt so sorry for her I prayed she would have better luck after the concert. (We already knew our prince would go out to celebrate).

7.30 pm The Best Concert

The run down was similar to the Adieu concert in Seoul, but "You" was cut at the request of the authorities, and our prince did not choose a fan to be his girl. Instead, he talked to us in Chinese after singing "My Girl". When he said "China fans, haven't seen you for a long time. I miss you" a gush of warm feeling flew around my body and his voice and his sweet smile tickled me all over! He said "I Love You" a couple of times, he said his favourite "jia yo" a couple times. He said "Sorry" a couple times, when he thought he got some words wrong and when he sneezed. He said he was very happy, then he said he was very, very, very, very very happy and couldn't help laughing himself. He was just adorable.

Our prince's voice was in excellent condition but the microphone did not do him justice. I didn't know why but for this concert I was particularly carried away by our prince's intensity, whether he was singing a sad "Love Story" (he sang it in a different way and I loved it), or performing his unique "Rainism". I was so absorbed watching his expressions and feeling his emotions that sometimes I didn't even know which song he was singing. Not sure if any of you ever had this "scorching" feeling watching our prince perform. I felt it very keenly.

During the show when our prince went backstage to change, the screen played his "True Love" song with a video clip about desertification prevention. I felt very proud for our prince, just as he was proud of his clouds in donating a forest in the name of "Cloud & Rain". Together, we both did our parts.

And I realized one more thing - I liked our prince best in his encore outfit. Basic track suit but his charm and charisma shone through. He's no longer the king of stage. He became every girl's dream obba next door. I shouted out loudly "Bi Obba, Saranghei".

After concert. The Restaurant

Luck was with me this time. I got information that our prince was having his after concert meal at a Korean restaurant and after much struggle I decided to take my overseas friends upstairs (they missed our prince in the lobby), in the hope they would be able to see our prince this time. There were a few tables of fans waiting already as we got in.

We bought some soft drinks, and I wanted to use the washroom. As I walked around the corridor a tall young man was coming out from a room at the far end to put on his jacket to leave, and he was our prince. I was so shocked my instinct was to turn and run back to my place, and I almost fell into the narrow pond as I did so. I only managed to shout to the fans "he's coming" and he's already in front of us. A shorter guy was close to him and he pushed the guy lightly to his left side so he was quite exposed to us (we were all standing on the right side). I must be star struck because I could not remember anything other than this detail. And then he was overwhelmed by fans as he walked towards the elevator. I just stood there – my mind must have gone blank.

And my friend who managed to see our prince this time smiled to me as she cried.

The Club

We felt grateful, happy and most of all, emotionally exhausted. So we decided to go back to the hotel.

Many fans followed our prince to a club. My friend said he was in good mood. He was fanned by his dancers but every now and then he would show his face to the fans. Either this was fan service or this was his prince syndrome and probably it's a combination of both. From what my friend described, our prince was having a great time. He even deliberately let fans see him dance a bit and must have enjoyed the loud cheers from them. When he thought he needed some privacy, he sat down and was out of sight for a long while.

He returned to the hotel very late (or early the next morning). There were fans waiting in the lobby still.

2011.3.27 Goodbye

Again, we all got information that our prince will leave the hotel at about 8.30 am. Many of us wanted to say goodbye so we all lined up to wait for his royal highness.

We saw his dancers, we saw other staff and his manager, but we did not see our prince. These people went in and out of the hotel, but at the end they all went inside the hotel café for breakfast, without our prince.

The clock ticked. It's past 10 am. We were all getting anxious. At long last our prince appeared and walked in the same direction as he did the day before. Again I managed a 2 second look at his face. He was expressionless and did not wave to us this time. I thought may be he was tired after a late night, but later I heard he actually might have been upset by some fans. I hoped the latter was not true, and I hoped we all gave some respect to our prince by keeping proper distance.

I did not follow our prince to the airport. Instead I had a sweet and sad goodbye with my friends from overseas, planning at the same time when and how we should meet again to follow our prince once more.

And a big thank you to our prince, who gave us so many treasured, memorable moments.

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