Saturday, March 12, 2011

Details of Rain's current schedule

(스케쥴 정리)

3/13 영화 크랭크인

3/19 태국 파타야 Music Festival

3/26 중국 베이징 The Best 2011 Rain Asia Tour

4/2 엠넷 제펜 레이니데이 시즌3 첫방송

4/10 말레이시아 F1 그랑프리 콘서트

5/19 독일Dresden Music Festival

8월중순 영화 크랭크업

여름 6집앨범 발매 예정

내년 영화개봉

(Details of Rain's current schedule)

3/13/2011: Red Muffler will begin shooting.

3/19/2011: Thailand Pattaya Music Festival.

3/26/2011: China Beijing The Best 2011 Rain Asia Tour.

4/2/2011: The first episode of Mnet Japan Rainy Day Season 3 will be broadcast.

4/10/2011: Malaysia F1 Grand Prix concert.

5/19/2011: German Dresden Music Festival.

By mid-August, the movie shooting will be completed.
This summer, his 6th album will be released.
Sometime next year, the movie will open.

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English translation by rain

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