Friday, February 25, 2011

Rain's sign is found at a snack bar


사장님 있는 야근날 저녁 은 무조건떡뽀끼 ㅜ ㅜ 이제 진짜 질리기 직전 인데... 얼마나 맛있게 드시 는지... 없었던 연옌 싸인 ~ ~ 역시 비 싸인 있었고 ~ ~ 엠블랙 지오 ㅋ둘이같이왔낭 ~ ~

Our boss takes us to this snack bar to eat tteokbokki (떡복기) together whenever we work overtime with him.
Even though it's time to be fed up with this food, he always eats with gusto.
When we came to this place late this evening, we found there was Rain's sign on the wall, and Rain seemd to come with MBLAQ's GO.

English translation by rain

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