Saturday, February 12, 2011

Rain's performance melts Sapporo's snow festival

-Focused on Rain-

Intermittent snow storms didn't preclude the crowd from not giving K-Pop stars an enthusiastic response.

People in their 10s~50s were bubbling over with excitement and stamping their feet, holding all sort of luminous sticks in their hands to support their own favorite stars in front of 'Sapporo Art & Culture Hall' near Odori Park where the 62nd Sapporo Snow & K-Pop Festival was held last 11th.

There were rows of giant sculptures out of snow and ice in the park, but they didn't seem to attract the people's attention.

More than 2,400 audiences sang and danced to the music, waving their luminous sticks whenever Rain, Sung Si Kyung, female group 'Orange Caramel, and male group 'Tin Top' appeared on stage.

It was definitely Rain who was most widely applauded.

The audiences sprang to their feet as soon as Rainism music played in the background. When Rain was dancing to the music with his 6 dancers by performing temperate movement, roars of cheers came from the stands here and there, "'Ji Hoon' oppa (Rain), I love you!" "He is so cool!"

Rain greeted them, "This is the third time I have been here Sapporo for my concert" "I've come to willingly participate in this event even in the midst of filming because this is a clear example of helping children in Asia."

Even after the concert ended after he sang 6 songs including 'Hip Song', 'Love Song', etc, a loud sound kept buzzing across the place, "Encore!"

Gatorie (31) who is an ordinary housewife and a fan of Rain said, "Rain's music is very addictive and turns me on like crazy." "K-Pop is active and dynamic unlike J-Pop." "Hope that this kind of charity event which includes popular singers and new singers will often happen."

This event was co-hosted by Korea's Culture Industry Foundation (KOFICE) and Japan's Sapporo Tourism Asociation (NPO), and sponsored by the Minister of Culture and the Korean National Tourism Organization.

The funds raised from the performance will be donated to MDGS (Millennium Development Goals) to be used for needy children in Asia.

Source: YonHap News
Brief translation by rain

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