Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Rain will not be involved with MBLAQ's repackaged album


MBLAQ will release a repackaged album at the end of February, but it will be missing a key ingredient.

MBLAQ (G.O, Thunder, Lee Joon, Seung Ho, Mir) is currently storming through music programs and variety shows with their first official album title song, 'Stay', and instead of releasing a follow-up song, they will release a repackaged album.

However, MBLAQ's mentor, Rain (Jung Ji Hoon), will not be involved in producing the repackaged album. MBLAQ management agency spoke to Newsen on February 7th on the phone, and said, "Rain will not be part of the production. Instead, MBLAQ members will be more involved."

This is a surprise because Rain had written 'My Dear' for MBLAQ's first album, which was released last January, and he had also presented the group with dance choreography for 'Cry' and 'Stay.'

Rain has recently re-joined with his mentor Park Jin Young and became the biggest shareholder of J.Tune Entertainment. Rain said he wants focus on working as a singer and actor before enlisting in the army, so he has asked JYP Entertainment to watch out for J.Tune Entertainment during his absence.

Thus it has become clear that Rain and MBLAQ are not under the same management. Rain's J.Tune Entertainment will merge with JYP Entertainment, while MBLAQ will remain under the J.Tune Camp.

Currently, Rain is busy filming a new movie, and it is yet unclear if Rain will help MBLAQ's choreography for the album.

Source: Nate
Credit: Allkpop

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