Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rain who is quite another man now, does a comic twitter with his dancers

Rain is the second man from left.

He is quite another man now.

Rain who was flustered, not knowing how to change his user name on Twitter until last month, can now post pictures on the site easily, so it has been easier for him to communicate with his fans.

Rain recently posted a comic picture of him and his dancers posing a group photograph on Twitter with the words, "Oh my! I wonder if I'm going to keep on doing with that kind of work partners with having confidence in their reliability." "These guys I look after are recently complaining of severe pains in their backs. Our team's name is General Hospital", which attracted the attention.

He used his childlike charms as he self-flattered at the following that is posted under the words, "Now I can at last post pictures on Twitter"

His team members' comments to his post make people laugh, "Baby, it's past 12 already. Sleep right now", "Let's go to an oriental clinic to get acupuncture, making up a party~" , which shows that their team work is in perfect harmony.

Meanwhile, in the picture, Rain appears to have lost weight a little bit, as it seems that he has worked intensively for several months because of his tight schedules. In addition, he's had his hair cut short, it brings out a more masculine image.

Source: Sports Josun
Brief translation by rain

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