Saturday, February 12, 2011

Rain turns into a charismatic gentleman who is dressed in all black

Rain released a new picture which presents his dancer and him together via Twitter on the afternoon of February 11th. The picture shows Rain making a boast of his hunk appeal by wearing black suit with black sunglasses.

In addition to the picture, Rain posted a comment, "Without these men...and I can at last put pictures up on Twitter."

This means that he shows his appreciation of his back dancers' help during his concert and at the same time the mere fact that 'he who was a computer illiterate can now put pictures up on Twitter himself' makes him feel glorious.

His fans showed an enthusiastic response to the post, "You should be dressed in all black to be recognized as a real man!" "He looks cooler than any other man." " In terms of height and sexy figure, he is second to nobody."

Source: Newsen
Brief translation by rain

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