Friday, February 18, 2011

Rain projects a sexy hunk image in the March issue of 'Esquire' magazine

Singer Rain (his real name, 'Jung Ji Hoon') is the talk of the town since he looks like a fugitive being portrayed as terribly lovable in the pictorial of 'Cartier' watch ads in the March edition of 'Esquire' which is a fashion magazine.

According to officials, " 'Jung Ji Hoon' who is about to film a new movie called 'Red Muffler' with actress 'Shin Se Kyung', has confirmed the image of a strong man in himself, knocking the spots off 'Jason Bourne' who is the hero of movie "The Bourne Identity" when it comes to 'sex appeal' and 'unpolished beauty', and at the same time he commands attention with his intense charisma which dominates the assembly, having become the first Korean to make the cover of 'Esquire' magazine twice since in November 2008."

Adding, "Even though he was being photographed in such terrible working conditions in Paris where he had to start shooting from five a.m. while there were ten degrees of frost, he was always considerate of all the staffs, creating a friendly atmosphere. If there is a true world star, 'Jung Ji Hoon' is the one.

He is a veritable professionalist who can create a series of images that express an individual style when he is dressed up in either a suit of restrained ambience or comfortable casual clothes, leading the pictorial concept himself."

Meanwhile, 'Jung Ji Hoon's sexy hunk features will be shown in the March issue of 'Esquire' which is men's magazine.

Source: Sports Korea
Brief translation by rain

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