Friday, February 25, 2011

Rain is found not guilty even in the Supreme Court


Rain who faced a 4.6 billion won lawsuit claiming he defaulted on production agency 'Well Made Star M's contract when his world tour was cancelled, has been found not guilty even in the Supreme Court after the verdicts of the first and second trials.

Before this, Rain contracted to hold 35 world tour concerts with 'Star M' in 2006~2007, but the cancellation of the concert due to the trademark infringement of his name 'Rain' in the USA forced him to hold only 19 concerts.

For this reason, 'Star M' filed a 4.6 billion won compensation suit against Rain and JYP Entertainment claiming they didn't carry out their promise.

In this connection, the appellate court has affirmed the judgment of the lower court of that, "The reason why his concert was cancelled in the USA, is that 'Star M' mishandled the case of the trade mark dispute"

Adding, the Supreme Court has handed down its decision, "Rain and JYP Ent. do not need to return the money paid in advance. And 'Star M' which organized his China concert, will be liable for any damage caused by its cancellation."

Source: Star News
Brief translation by rain

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