Sunday, February 27, 2011

[Notice from rain-cloud>] Regarding an error which occurs at the blank spaces below where your comments are posted

Hi, this is the 7th Cloud executive board.

The server is in an unexpected state as there are errors at the blank spaces below where your comments are posted, so your written comments aren't often seen.

Also, even in the case of Secret Comment (비밀글), unknown errors have suddenly occurred when trying to delete your own posts.

That's why we called our computer repair shop to fix these two things, but we couldn't contact them.
So maybe we should wait until Monday (the 28th)
We're sorry for the inconvenience, but please just be patient.

We'll give you our answers at the main body of the section if you ask us some questions at either 구름가득한방 or 구름들의 사랑공간 section, so please check the main body where your comments have been posted even if there is no indication.

And, '구름가득한방' section is in quite a complicated situation because of 8th Cloud membership application period, so please use Q&A section if you ask us some personal questions.

English translation by rain

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