Monday, February 21, 2011

[Notice from rain-cloud] Please read the notice carefully before joining the Cloud fan club

Hello, this is the 7th Cloud executive board.

If work were right on schedule, we would begin recruiting new members for the Cloud fan club today, but it will seem to take a couple of days to begin recruiting, in case of those who come from overseas countries except Korea and Japan. So please just be patient.

The guideline to the recruitment of those who come from Korea and Japan, will be noticed on today (on Monday, February 21st)

- First of all, each of 3 announcements in reference to the recruitment of the 8th Cloud members, will be posted in three different ways as below.

1. Those who are living in Korea.

2. Those who are living in Japan.

3. Those who are living in overseas countries except Korea and Japan.

- Like this, each announcement will separately be posted by each country and regional group, so you are asked to carefully read each section that applies to you among 3 classified contents above, and then to follow the instructions.

- First, please click the banner for membership after logging in to become a member of this site.

(The announcement related to joining the club will be posted at 2 sections of the site, "구름들의 사랑공간" and "구름가득한방")

Second, please follow the form when a pop-up giving details of applying for admission comes on.

In order to become a member at each section, each of you needs your own ID and password when logging in.

1. Becoming a member of the club is based on residence, and the membership fee should be transferred to an account in the region that applies to each of you.

2. Those who come from overseas countries except Korea and Japan should pay in dollars.

3. It's impossible to submit a duplicate application by each country.

4. When you have any questions concerning the information: Please get each master in each country in charge to give you more details.

(Japanese, those who come from overseas countries except Japan and Korea, and Koreans should contact master "hina", each master in each country, and Q&A section, respectively.)

5. "hina" will be fully in charge of the process for membership like the 7th term of the Cloud, in case of those who come from Japan.

6. Signs-up for membership will take place via "", so you are asked to upgrade to Explorer 8 version or use Google Chrome program if you can't get to this site easily.

In borderline cases, you should watch how things will go through your friends.

We'll be seeking for another ways to make you get access to the site soon, and since we're slated to recruit additional members for the club even after closing, please don't worry too much.

Thank you.

Brief translation by rain

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