Wednesday, February 09, 2011

'Living in the sky' starring Rain will start filming late in February

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(Clockwise from the top left to right )
Rain, 'Shin Se Kyung', 'Lee Ha Na', 'Yu Joon Sahng', and 'Kim Sung Soo'.

Their much anticipated action film, 'Living in the sky' (working title 'Red Muffler' or 'Living in the sky'), as Korea's first ever big blockbuster in mid air, has been confirmed on cast.

Korea's hottest trend icon 'Rain' has been cast as the main character in this film, and actress 'Shin Se Kyung' to star opposite Rain, actor 'Yu Joon Sahng', actor 'Kim Sung Soo', actress 'Lee Ha Na', etc will act in the film.

This film will show the life-and-death strategies and the lives and love of combat pilots flying into action to resolve a crisis in the Korean peninsula on the brink of war as an action blockbuster packed with some of the best fighting scenes in mid air that will be attempted domestically for the first time, so it won't be merely funny, but it'll give moviegoers a heartwarming feeling and there will be more to look at.

The filming crew specializing in aeronautical that ever shot the hollywood big blockbusters like 'Inception', 'Dark Night', 'Con Air', 'Maha 2.6', 'Stealth', etc. will join this film, that will make the moviegoers a present of first-class action scenes and dazzling speed which are unprecedented in the history of Korean film.

With this, Korea will be the third country in the world to make a modern air warfare film which contains battle scenes in mid air which are frighteningly real, after U.S.A. and France.

'Living in the sky' which is already the talk of the town since the film production cast world star Rain as the leading role and actress 'Shin Se Kyung' emerging as a rising star in the Korean film world as the counterpart to the leading role (Rain), will start filming late in February.

Source: It's Movie
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