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[FanAcct] Rain @ Mentholatum CF Set

Rain had catered lunch while filming a cosmetic commercial in Cheongdam-dong's photo studio.

-Posted on February 8th, 2011.-

청담동에 있는 Teo Studio에서의 화장품 광고 촬영
모델이 누구일까 궁금했는데 음식을 준비하다 봤는데..
바로 월드스타 비(Rain) 정지훈씨였다
[출처] 케이터링 - [스튜디오 촬영(Rain 비) 점심식사] 뷔폐식 케이터링|작성자 싱글쉐프

I wondered which model was filming a cosmetic commercial in 'Teo' photo studio located in Cheongdam-dong, it was world star Rain, Mr. 'Jung Ji Hoon'스튜디오 한쪽편에 테이블 셋팅을 해드렸다~
스튜디오가 지하 2층에 있는데 엘레베이터가 없는 관계로 짐들도 끙끙거리면서 날르고..ㅠ
월드스타 비가 상의를 탈의한채로 계속 촬영을 하는데..
남자가 봐도 정말 멋진 명품 몸이었다~!!
실제로 보니깐 정말 잘생기시고 몸매도 짱....*_*
[출처] 케이터링 - [스튜디오 촬영(Rain 비) 점심식사] 뷔폐식 케이터링|작성자 싱글쉐프

We set the buffet table for them on the other side of the studio room.~
Since the studio was in the second basement-level and this building had no elevator, we had to struggle down the stairs with the heavy loads ㅠ

Seeing world star Rain keeping on filming without any jacket on, I admitted that he was in good shape even though I'm a man like him.~!!
When I actually met with him, I found he was very handsome and his body was in amazing shape.*_* 멋있는 정지훈씨의 모습을 가까이에서 찍지는 못하겠고 멀리서나마~
역시 월드스타는 월드스타였다.+_+
촬영하는 중간에 점심식사를 하셨다.
[출처] 케이터링 - [스튜디오 촬영(Rain 비) 점심식사] 뷔폐식 케이터링|작성자 싱글쉐프

I could not bring myself to take any picture of nice guy Mr. 'Jung Ji Hoon' up close, so I just took his picture from the distance.~
He was world star none the more.+_+
He had lunch during the filming process.거기 계신 사진작가, 스텝분들 모두 너무 맛있다며 칭찬을 해주시면서 식사도 하시고~
다음에 또 좋은 행사가 생기면 또 연락주시겠다고 말씀도 해주셨다.^^
[출처] 케이터링 - [스튜디오 촬영(Rain 비) 점심식사] 뷔폐식 케이터링|작성자 싱글쉐프

Eveyone there, includng the photographer, the staffs, and Rain, commended us for making very nice meals for them.~
They told us by saying they'd contact us again if they had other opportunities to film a commercial.^^

Source: Single Chef @ Buffet catering
Credit: Ratoka's blog
Brief translation by rain

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