Thursday, January 20, 2011

Taiwan's actor 'Jay Chou' says "Rain can dance well and has a really nice body."

-Rain part-

'Jay Chou' who is one of the most famous stars in Taiwan, said what he thought of Rain's work as an actor in the Hollywood.

A press conference promoting movie 'The Green Hornet 3D' co-starring 'Michel Gondry', 'Jay Chou', and 'Seth Rogen', was held in Seoul's Shilla Hotel, Korea, on the 19th, at 11am.

At this press conference, 'Jay Chou' said, "I saw Rain's Hollywood film Nija Assassin," and "Hope more Asian actors and actresses to crack Hollywood in the future. In this way, the Asian market can grow more, I think."

When there were some comments about that 'Jay Chou' looked similar to Rain in 'The Green Hornet 3D', 'Jay Chou' said about this, "I am not a good dancer and amn't buffed up with muscles as compared with Rain who can dance well and has a really nice body. I think we’re so utterly different from each other."

Adding, he provoked a good laugh by saying, "Now I'm trying to build my muscles."

Source: Star News
Brief translation by rain

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