Friday, January 28, 2011

Rain Ranks 8th Place in Expensive Homes Among Korean Superstars

Youngnam's luxurious home, worth about $60 billion KRW, Sangji Ritzvil Caelum in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul has won the 'winner-title' six years in a row!

Considering that she lives in the same apartment complex as Cho Youngnam does, Han Chaeyoung's home lost only by a margin, winning the title as second place.

Going up four places in a row and gaining a new ranking as the third, Bae Yongjoon's home which resides in Seongbuk-dong is estimated to be worth about $60 Billion KRW, too.

Celebrities who lives in Gangnam Dong Area I Apartments, such as Jun Jihyun, Song Changmin, Lee Miyeon, and the couple Kang Songwoo and Son Taeyoung, are the winners of fourth place.

International star Rain's home, located in Sam Seong Dong, Seoul, is awarded eighth place, estimated to be worth about $5o billion KRW. The home bought at an auction in 2006 was worth about $31 billion KRW then.

Winning 9th and 10th place are Shin Hyejin and the couple Jang Donggun and Ko Soyoung.

Source from JOINS China
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