Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rain looks like a father to MBLAQ in a video clip which shows him teaching them how to dance

A video clip showing that singer Rain is directing his junior MBLAQ's choreography for their song "Stay", has been opened to the public.

In barely more than a minute of video clip made public by You Tube site last 11th, Rain was calmly seen appearing in a dance studio and directing MBLAQ's choreography.

In the clip, Rain just started directing their choreography after asking them how they were doing just fine, "You've been working very hard? You've been well prepared for the choreography?", and then he spoon fed them, actually demonstrating the choreography for 'Stay', the title track of their first regular album 'Blaq Style' released last 10th.

Netizens who saw this clip, wrote their comments, "Rain is like a father to MBLAQ," "Rain is a sensitive and caring man who loves his junior."

Meanwhile, MBLAQ's comeback show will be broadcast by Mnet TV's music program 'M! Countdown' upcoming 13th.

'Cry', a R&B style song, and 'Stay' accentuating MBALQ's intense performance, are set as the co-title track of their album and will show a conflicting mood. MBLAQ's first regular album has 12 songs having so many moods on it, including a song that Rain wrote.

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Source: Star News
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